Hey there,

My name is Jim C. I am currently living in Atlanta. I called and left a message on the answering machine because I would love to talk to you at some point about the man you introduced me to 20 years ago when your service was new.
His name was Marty L. He was the first man's name you gave me and we fell in love and stayed passionately in love until his death from AIDS on December 9, 2004. He was/is the absolute love of my life and I would have never met him had it not been for ManMate. I would love to tell you more. I would really like to tell you about our WONDERFUL life together.
Thank you SO much and I do hope I hear from you.

"We hit it off!"
-Carl G., NYC

"Just a great guy"
-Alex F., NYC

"GREAT SELECTION --Chemistry was immediate!"
-Bob H., CT

"David was a pleasure to meet! Thanks for giving me the chance to meet him."
-Jake B., NYC

"Bill is right on target for everything I am looking for - by far the best intro to date."
-Harry G., NYC

"Incredible guy! This guy has renewed my belief that an awesome guy is out there. I loved him. Handsome, smart, funny, well traveled, can talk about anything. All I can say is you hit the nail on the head. I could not be more happy to have met him and hope this goes where I would like it to. Thanks for the intro."
-Alan C., NYC

"Marc is a wonderful guy. We have been dating for two months now. Thanks for your attentiveness in this process. I'm very grateful!"
-Kurt S., NJ

"You've hooked me up with a sci-fi geek who reads and enjoys classical music! He's perfect."
-Marc E., NJ

"Howard is a great guy. Well done!"
-Stan H., NYC

"Ted and I seemed to connect easily during our initial phone contact. Our first meeting was great, and we've already made a date to meet again!"
-Mark G., NYC

"Mark is a very nice gentleman whom I would like to get to know better. I find him very attractive and intelligent."
-Ted P., NYC

"I really liked Martin. Great guy, nice looking, similar values and interests. I definitely would like to see him again. Thanks."
-Rob B., NJ

"You did great. Thanks."
-Bill G., NYC

"What can I say? Sweet, intelligent, exactly my type! And he seemed just as interested in me. I'm feeling very hopeful. Wish me luck!"
-Daniel L., NJ

"Well done! I'd like to spend some time with this one."
-Stuart H., NYC

"Awesome! Great guy! Looking forward to seeing him again soon."
-Greg P., CT

"Jim is delightful - smart, enthusiastic, engaged & engaging. I really enjoyed him. We agreed that we both want to see each other again. A unique man. Gives me hope! Thanks."
-Tom S., NYC

"I met Mark for the first time this past Sat. I think he's a great match. We had a wonderful time and I definitely want to see him again, hopefully this week. I'll keep you posted on how things go. Thanks."
-Rick B., NYC

"Wow! I'm smitten."
-Martin S., NJ

"Great choice! Great guy!"
-Don L., NYC

UPDATE:  Craig & Mark were recently married in NYC!  Grant attended the ceremony.
Most Recent:

Hi Grant!
Hope you have had an enjoyable summer. Thought I would let you know that Richard and I have been together since you introduced us back in January! We have been exclusive to each other and have grown very close and loving. We have shared many great times together, have traveled, and are so compatible!
Thank you again, I never dreamed I would have been so lucky!
Best Regards,
We bought a house, we have a wonderful dog and a wildly happy life.  Thank you so much for helping us find each other.  Every day we say... "Thanks, Grant!"
-Craig P. and Mark S.
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